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Skin Tag Removal


A Quick & Effective Way to Remove Unsightly Vascular Blemishes and Skin Tags. Vascutouch uses very low levels of Radio Frequency (RF) and DC currents simultaneously to electro-coagulate the vessel, without desiccating surrounding tissue. This treatment is self-limiting and vessel specific, resulting in minimal skin reaction.

Removes skin tags without scarring
Relatively painless

Most blemishes are removed in seconds. Depending on the number of capillaries most conditions can be successfully and permanently treated in one or two sessions.

Vascutouch yields superior results when compared to other electronic devices that commonly cause scarring and hypo and hyperpigmentation. When compared to laser treatment, the VascuTouch produces similar results without the pain, bruising, or high treatment costs. The VascuTouch is an indispensible tool for treating cosmetic vascular problems.