Slimplaster Wrap

Inch Loss, Stretch Marks, and more


Recommended For: Contouring, Fat Reduction, Inch Loss, Localized Fat, Loose Skin, Loss of Firmness, Sagging Skin, Shaping,



(Please Call for Pricing Per Area)

An innovative treatment designed to sculpt and tone the body and help in the reduction of inches. This body wrap reduces localized fat, lifts and hydrates, minimizes stretch marks, and molds your silhouette.


Detoxifies, firms, promotes fat/inch loss, reduces cellulite and stretch marks, contours the body, promotes collagen production.

How It Works

    It is also known as a contour wrap with a unique formula that combines a unique concentration of plants, caffeine, seaweed and centella asiatica. Each area that is wrapped will form something similar to a cast. The longer the wrap stays in place, the more effective the treatment and results will be.
    Generally, clients will keep the body wrap in place for 4 hours or more, and will continue their normal activities outside of the spa while wearing the wrap. After the 4 hours, scissors are used to cut the cast like wrap off of the treated area/s.
     The Slimplaster comes with a premixed formula of powerful components of great and proved quality. The Slimplaster wrap catches the body heat and increases the action of these components for more than 4 hours!
     Lipo reducer, rich in minerals, promotes cellular detoxification thanks to its vascularization properties. For localized fat tissue (soft). Lipo-reducer, anti-cellulite. Prevent stretch marks and promotes the synthesis of Collagen.
     For compact fat tissue (tough), Lipo-reducer, waist molding, silhouette sculpture, anti-cellulite, toning, astringent, revitalizing, re-mineralizing. Activator to the compact fat dissolution. Helps to improve and prevent flabbiness, flaccidity and cellulite by re-firming dermis proteins stimulation. It brings back firmness to specific areas, toning and shape.

    How long do we leave on the wraps? Maximum treatment time is 4 hours. The Gesso Wrap is removed with the aid of scissors without point. This action can be done by the client, since client does not have to remain inactive.

     How many sessions do we recommend? For optimal results it is recommended a minimum of 10 sessions, with intervals of 72 hours.

     Who is a candidate for the wrap? For anyone that wants to lose weight and inches or someone that will like to contour a specific part of the body. Not indicated to treat obesity (It is not recommended for clients with more than 20% body fat).

     What other body treatment can be alternated with?  It is ideal to alternate with Synergie.

     How many pounds/inches can I expect to lose? The results with SlimPlaster with each client. We guaranteed excellent results after 6 to 12 sessions. An adequate and healthy nutritional plan will help you loose weight and increase results. Clients notice visible results since the first sessions. The clients don't recover the results while they don't gain weight.

     How many treatments do I need? How often?  For best results you must take 12 sessions, but after 6 sessions you may notice excellent results. Twice to three times per week would be best.